Arya Srinivasan

Hiring OUTE to be our month of planners was hands down the best money we spent on our wedding. We had a 350+ person Hindu wedding in Sonoma at a winery. Jessica and Cassie helped us execute every detail of my specific vision to a tee - the day was unforgettable and my guests couldn't stop raving about it. They think of all the extra details I forgot while in the midst of planning madness and help elevate the event to the next level. Jessica used to be in a legal field so she's an expert at reviewing vendor contracts and making sure they are iron-clad; their team is great at managing vendors and we didn't worry about a THING the day of the wedding. Examples: hairdresser flaked and Jessica called one of her friends who was able to step in and save the day. Shuttles picked up the wrong guests, so they shuffled things around so my bridal party and I weren't stranded and made it to the venue on time. I felt like I was in such good hands and was able to glide through the wedding day thanks to these super sharp and lovely ladies. I can't recommend them enough. They are brilliant and kind and fun - if you're thinking about hiring them I HIGHLY suggest you do. It's worth every penny.